We offer the following services, however, if you have questions outside of these services, please enquire and we will do our best to help and accommodate you.

We are passionate about providing you and your dogs with a high standard of service that adds value to your lives, and to the relationship with your beloved furry friend!

Luxury Accomodation


  • All dogs need to be collected before 10 am or you will be charged for the day.
  • We have card machine facilities. Payment will be on collection.
  • We require a deposit for bookings over peak season.
  • We also offer Doggie Daycare for kenneling dogs – please inquire here.

For Bookings please WhatsApp the office on: 071 744 2234.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8am to 3pm
Saturday and Sunday : 9am to 3pm (pick-up by appointment only)

Open on Public Holidays

Are you going on holiday, or doing renovations and need a safe and comfortable place for your dogs to call home for a few days or weeks?

Our team of dedicated animal lovers at Superdogs are here to help you wipe all of your kenneling expectations away as you see our luxury accommodation in renovated stables. We encourage you to bring your dog’s favourite bed/bedding and toys to help them feel at home in their temporary new surroundings.

All dogs are let out everyday for a run around and leg stretch. We also offer an optional add-on for your dog to join in on Doggy Daycare for some supervised fun and games while they are staying with us. This is a great opportunity for your dog to learn social skills and have some over the top fun with a pack of buddies!


All dog owners want a well-mannered dog, and the prime time for them to learn good behaviour is between birth and five months old, however we accept all dogs irrespective of age, breed or size. Families from all over South Africa have sent their dogs to us for various training courses.

Inboard Training

 offers quality pet grooming services in the comfort and safety of your pets home. Your pet is a precious part of your family that’s why we will never use cages or harsh chemicals during grooming. We bring a highly organized and professional approach to pet grooming which assures your pet has a complete and enjoyable experience every time.

Families from all over South Africa have sent their dogs to us for various training courses. The goal of this program is to help your dog become a calm and well-mannered companion and we accept all dogs irrespective of age, breed or size.

First, your dog comes and stays with us. While boarding here, we teach your dog all that he/she needs to know about obedience as well as work on any specific behavioral problems that she/he may have. A critical part of obedience is communication between owner and pet. Often obedience issues arise due to poor communication. Superdogs realises every dog is an individual. Obedience training should reflect the individual needs and personality of the dog. We use positive reinforcement methods to meet those individual needs and personalities. Your dog is trained consistently on a daily basis.

Once we’re done training your dog, we then work with you and your family in five private follow-up sessions to teach you step by step the techniques that we have taught them. If you are planning on going away combine inboard training with your holiday.

Puppy Classes

From 8 Weeks

Yes, we start teaching them the basic obedience commands from 8 weeks old! Your puppy’s best learning time is between birth and 5 months old. Mom takes care of the first few weeks and then we step in and do the rest. Remember, developing good habits now is much easier than correcting poor ones later on.

What Will You and Your Puppy Learn in Puppy Class?

The course is held over 5 weeks and during this time we will cover all the basics you need to know to start your puppy on the right track. The basics include the following:

  • Becoming “vet” friendly
  • House Training
  • How to deal with biting and chewing
  • Prevent Jumping up
  • How to be the Boss, basic obedience (like sit, down, stay etc.)

Basic Obedience Classes

Older Puppies & Pooches

This class is for older puppies and dogs. The emphasis in these classes is more on obedience and slightly less on socialisation. All the basic behaviours, such as sit, down, stay, come and leash walking are taught. Classes span 5 weeks, and each session is roughly an hour long.

At the end of the 5 weeks, you will have the skills and insight, where if properly applied going forward, will ensure a long term happy relationship between you and your dog. You will have been instrumental in training your dog.

Protection Training

Inboard Training Add-on Temperament & Age Restrictions

Superdogs offers a protection training program as an add-on to our inboard program. All dogs have to be over 1 year of age and have to pass a temperament test to be accepted into this program. Please contact us for more details of this program.


Don’t feel guilty about leaving your dogs at home alone all day anymore, enroll them in Doggy Daycare for supervised fun and games with their Doggy Daycare buddies and the Doggy Daycare Team!

Activities concentrate on a combination of structured play, mental stimulation and fun exercises within a safe environment.

Your pooch will learn healthy social behaviour with other dogs and people, and will be introduced to basic recall and obedience through the games played throughout the day. They will also get fantastic exercise and expend all of their pent up energy, leaving you with a happy and absolutely pooped pooch at home time!

Your dog’s safety and welfare is our number one priority, newcomers are monitored closely and we make sure that they fit in and get on well with the rest of the pack.

We offer an optional pickup service at an additional charge depending on location.

Give your superdog the life they deserve.

Grooming Parlour

Superdogs has a Grooming Parlour.

We offer quality pet grooming services. Your pet is a precious part of your family and grooming your family’s best friend is something special.

Make your dog feel special. Pamper your pooch.

Treat your best friend today.

Contact: Prosper on 079 095 6973

Behaviour Consults

When the problem is more than just a training problem, a Superdogs consultant will meet with you to assess the situation and make recommendations.

This meeting will be either at our training centre or at your home, whichever seems more appropriate. Recommendations will be made to you in the form of a written report, detailing the problem and a proposed plan of action. A copy can be sent to your vet, if necessary.

You may have a question that you feel can be answered by an animal behaviourist. We provide this service. We can send out one of our experienced staff members to interview you and your dog.

They will provide a comprehensive report diagnosing your concern and offering suggestions to solve your challenge.