Tracy – A brilliant foundation

After much deliberation, we decided to send our puppy, Molly, to SuperDogs for their 3 week, in- board training programme.

Molly is our furry ‘child’, so we were very apprehensive about handing her over to the care of others, not to mention, that we were also dreading her being away from home for an extended period of time. However, after much discussion at home & with Joy, from SuperDogs, we decided that this would be the best option for Molly, particularly to ensure her own safety as she is a very headstrong & determined little Wire-Haired Terrier, who was prone to breaking free, with no intention of listening or responding to our frantic calls to return! We were extremely worried about her safety & after discussion with Joy, decided that basic Obedience Training & Recall Whistle Training were necessary. Molly had previous contact with Joy & absolutely adored her so we felt comfortable enough & trusted her completely to take very good care of our baby!

We dropped Molly at Ralun Kennels & were given a complete tour of all the kennels & facilities & were very relieved to note that they were of the highest standard & absolutely spotless with excellent carers & very good security! However, it was still extremely difficult to say goodbye to Molly but Joy assured us that she would keep in constant contact with us & let us know if there were any problems. She kept her word & reassured me constantly with text messages & even sent me a picture of Molly playing with her new- found little friend (another puppy going through the training programme)!

On the day that I went to collect her, I was invited to sit at a high vantage point, where Molly couldn’t see me, & to watch a demonstration of all that Molly had learned. I was totally amazed at what I witnessed as my happy but mischevious, disobedient little puppy had transformed into this obedient, ‘well-mannered’ but thankfully, still happy, little girl! WHT puppies are feisty, determined & headstrong, to say the least, & I had had my reservations about what level Joy would be able to train her to & have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised with the result! We are currently attending a 5 week further training course together as it is also very important that I also learn how to get Molly to respond to my commands & to learn how to further enhance the training that she has already undergone. This additional training is at no additional cost to us & was included in the initial training fee. We attended our first class on Saturday & I was apprehensive as I thought Molly would not behave, given that there were a few other puppies & much excitement & commotion. What a pleasant surprise!!! My ‘child’ remembered all she had already been taught & responded brilliantly to all commands! While we still have on-going training to do together in order to ingrain everything she has been taught, the training she has already received at SuperDogs has been a brilliant foundation & one which I can highly recommend!