Ravesh Govender – Wonderful job done

I got two German Shepherd pups in July 2012 and decided to send them for obedience training. After undertaking research into possible full-time training centres I contact Debbie (this was done as I had sent my late German Shepherd to another full time training facility previously but was not happy with the results). She was very friendly and also offered advice despite me not confirming that I will use her. My research indicated that Debbie has experience with the training of various animals and this intrigued me as she had such capability. After deciding to use Superdogs I confirmed the date of drop off. Debbie constantly phoned me to ensure that I was able to find the training venue and also advised me that was running late and would be there shortly. She however ensured that one of the trainers was there to meet us. The trainer (please forgive me as I forgot his name) was extremely friendly, caring, knowledgeable and was also willing to listen to other issues we were having and suggested ways to curb such behaviour once the dogs returned home. Debbie arrived shortly thereafter and also showed immense knowledge of dogs and was at the same extremely caring and reassured me that the dogs will be fine with them. During the three weeks the dogs were at training I was constantly kept up to date as to their progress. The dogs were eating less due to being in new surroundings but Debbie and her team found different ways to feed them ensuring that they stayed healthy. When it was time to pick them up as usual we were met on time on our arrival and was given a demonstration to what the dogs had learnt. Thereafter we were also put through a rigorous process of what needed to be done and how to handle the dogs. This training continued once they got home and a year later (despite me not putting them through their daily training) they still understand the basic commands they have learnt. What I found different from this training compared to the training my late dog received relates to the friendliness of the team, the caring/compassionate way the dogs were treated and most importantly the rigorous process we were put through to ensure we would be able to continue the training at home. Thank you to Debbie and her team for the wonderful job done and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any dog owner.