Naven Chettiar – fantastic work done

On behalf of our family we would like to really thank you and your amazing team for the fantastic work done with our two Labradors.

Being Labs, they are naturally excitable and full of energy which made teaching them discipline extremely difficult. We desperately wanted to include them in more of our family time and hence needed them to learn a few things around discipline and being calm.
When we arrived to pick them up from Superdogs, we were amazed at how much they’ve changed – they followed Thobani’s every instruction and showed exceptional discipline and understanding. We then had a turn to try out their new skills and were so impressed that they took to us seamlessly! We are really so grateful for sending them through for the training program – it really has helped us have a different relationship with them because we can now go for walks, jog and take short trips to the park and the beach without having them become unmanageable.
I would really recommend your team to anyone that needs help with improving the dynamic
between them and their dogs.
Much appreciated