I am a dog lover and not a pack leader

In the words of the Dog Whisperer, I am a dog lover and not a pack leader.

“My dogs sleep on the beds, take over the couches and are given home cooked food. Despite the fact that they are given normal names they end up being called things like Darling and Sweetness. No wonder then that my two year old Boxer ended up out of control. I packed him off to Superdogs where, six times a day for about ten days, he was trained by Victor. This was done in amongst horses, chickens, geese and other creatures – surely the best way to socialize an urban dog.

That was a year ago and still today he remains the best behaved Boxer on the planet. He walks on a loose lead, sits the minute we stop walking, will come when called and is a pleasure to take to the vet. He’s still mad and crazy and that is the best part. Superdogs trained him to be a good dog, but didn’t change his character. His crazy-Boxer personality remained intact.

We brought a new Boxer baby into our home last week. I will take her to puppy classes and when she is about 6 months old, like my Big Boy, she will be going to Superdogs Boarding School. I used to be skeptical about this sort of thing, but I am now a convert. Dog-wise, the cost of a fortnight of intensive training is the best money you’ll ever spend.”