Hazel Blomkamp – Miraculous

I sent my two 7-month old Boxer teenagers to Superdogs Training School at Shongweni for three weeks while I was overseas. They’re back home now (as am I) so last week I piled them into the car and drove down to Superdogs to see a demonstration of what Thobani had done with them.

He took Colin, then Lily, then both of them together. They walked perfectly, sat the moment he stopped walking, went down when he told them to, stayed in position when he walked away, got up when he said they could, came when they were called….

Then I took over doing the same thing. Perfect behaviour. He has wrought miracles with them, absolutely amazing.

I still need to work with them, practise a bit every day, teach them to do it in every environment, not just at Superdogs, and I will still do my five free follow up lessons.

Thobani and Debbie, you do the most wonderful job in the gentlest and most dog-friendly way. Obviously I must now do my part and I’m going to do that to keep them perfectly behaved. You’ve done most of it and I just have to finish it off.

You trained their parents and now them. Your three weeks of inboard training achieves results that I could never get if I tried to do it myself.