Superdogs Day Care


• Do you feel guilty leaving your dog at home all alone during the day?
• Is your bored dog being destructive during the day?
• Would your dog like to socialize, exercise, learn and have fun?

Boredom leads to behaviour problems such as chewing, barking and digging, which we all know too well. Keeping a dog busy with play ensures that all that energy is released in a productive manner.

But you have to work all day………..

We have the SOLUTION! Superdogs Day Care!
Happy owners – happy dogs!

Puppies doing what they do best… having a blast!

Dogs at Day care get to socialise with their friends, play games with their carers, go for walks, have a full fun day and go home happy,content and all played out.

Our daily activities concentrate on your beloved dog a combination of structured play, mental stimulation and fun exercise within a safe environment and of course there’s lots of love and care too!

Each day we have different activities for the dogs – scent games, ball pit digging, paw painting, soccer, bubble chasing and more.

Lunch/Nap – After all the fun our guests need a good nap and pups get given lunch.

Dogs that aren’t ready to snooze get a wind down period on the long grass.

After lunch the dogs are walked on a lead through the beautiful farm.

There is usually time for extra play!

Dogs are given there last cuddle by their carer, ready for home time.

Superdogs Day Care is managed by Debbie Kuhn, a well know animal behaviourist and dog trainer. Debbie has many years experience and has put this to good use in designing and managing the activities of the dogs attending day care.