Puppy Classes

From 8 Weeks

Yes, we start teaching them the basic obedience commands from 8 weeks old! Your puppies’ best learning time is between birth and 5 months old. Mom takes care of the first few weeks and then we step in and do the rest. Remember, developing good habits now is much easier than correcting poor ones later on.

What Will You and Your Puppy Learn in Puppy Class?

The course is held over 5 weeks and during this time we will cover all the basics you need to know to start your puppy on the right track. The basics include the following:

  • Becoming “vet” friendly
  • House Training
  • How to deal with biting and chewing
  • Prevent Jumping up
  • How to be the Boss, basic obedience (like sit, down, stay etc.)

Basic Obedience Classes

This class is for older puppies and dogs. The emphasis in these classes is more on obedience and slightly less on socialisation. All the basic behaviours, such as sit, down, stay, come and leash walking are taught. Classes span 5 weeks, and each session is roughly an hour long.

At the end of the 5 weeks, you will have the skills and insight, where if properly applied going forward, will ensure a long term happy relationship between you and your dog. You will have been instrumental in training your dog.